Torque Brewing Co. – coasters

My friends at Torque Brewing Co. just celebrated their first anniversary. That tells me two things – Winnipeg has been a much tastier place for the past 12 months and I am very, very late in posting this.

I created these coasters for Torque just in time for the big opening of the brewery side of the business. We were trying for a fun, vintage look to go with the vibe of the (soon-to-be-opened) taproom. We also wanted something that was completely different than the plain logo’d coasters you see everywhere.

Coaster #1 plays off the automotive theme that sneaks into a lot of Torque’s branding. The fella on the front side was taken from a 1950s service station trade magazine that I picked up at a flea market.

Coaster #2 is a torn paper collage that was inspired by the “Hello” speech bubble. I needed an image of a mug of beer, but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I made it myself. (That’s usually how the best things come about.)

Want to learn more about my design process and how I get inspired? Check out this post to see the early stages of this coaster.

Several hundred of these coasters were also released into the wild (aka given to restaurants and pubs), so you may have come across them outside of the Torque taproom. And, sadly, it was a limited run, so they’re nearly extinct. If you visit Torque these days you will have to rest your beer on a plain, logo’d coaster. Ahem.