Canola Summit Window

The challenge: create a shadowbox filled with 10 charms for the Canola Summit, held this spring at Kelburn Farm. The shadowboxes would be given to each person in attendance as a souvenir and memento of the day.

Playing off the idea of the Harvest Camp charms, I came up with 10 crafts to represent the themes at the Summit – everything from bees, to community, to the big, blue sea.

Like the Harvest Camp crafts, some of the items were to be put together by the Summit attendees, and the rest would be pre-made. I had a blast putting this project together and, in the end, I created around 700 crafts/craft kits and put together 62 shadowboxes. My poor living room looked like someone had crammed a Michael’s store into it.


I also had the pleasure of being a participant in the Summit and got to see how everything went down. Needless to say, it was a fascinating experience.

It was a really interesting group at the summit, to say the least. Bloggers, nutritionists, professional home economists, chefs, media peeps, scientists, authors, agronomists, farmers… and one semi-professional crafter. *wink* Some of the people really embraced the crafting and, at first, some resisted. But once our shadowboxes started taking shape, most were really excited to add each new “bit” to their box. It was especially exciting to see the guys get into it. One young farmer was even going to give his shadowbox to his mom for Mothers Day. Oh, my heart!