Canola Harvest Camp Charms – 2017

Photo – @canolaeatwell

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  1. Canola seed in a miniature bottle. Campers were also given a tiny scroll to write a wish or secret on before placing in the bottle with the seeds.
  2. I love making the beaded spoons for the campers. This year, I made the hanging clasp removable, just in case they want to actually *use* their spoon.
  3. The canola domino charm. Instead of a maple leaf, this flag has a canola blossom.
  4. The leather & lace bison charm – given to the campers after a visit to a real bison ranch.
  5. Yarn bombing! Perhaps the gentlest form of graffiti, yarn bombing usually occurs on a bigger scale in urban settings. For this charm, campers wrap colourful yarn around bleached driftwood twigs. I can’t even remember what it’s supposed to represent, but it sure is cute.
  6. Bees! These fun tags were given to the campers pre-stamped with the bee image – all they had to do was add the yellow fingerprint behind the bee’s body.
  7. The beaded bell charm represents community. Campers were given a bag of beads and encouraged to make trades.
  8. The celebration charm – made from a wine cork and hardware. Tools required!
  9. I got to be with the campers when they put together their Canada 150 charms. It was so cool to watch them create the Northern Lights in the “sky” of the charm with pastels.