Upcycled Jewelry Display


This is an awesome project, perfect for beginners or anyone with a desire to turn trash into treasure! If you can’t find used drawers on the curb, head to your local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. (Hot tip: that’s also a great place to find salvaged cabinet knobs.)

Materials needed:
1 rescued kitchen drawer
6 – 8 Cabinet/drawer knobs (all the same or an assortment) and knob screws
1 piece 1×2″ or 1×3″ wood, roughly the width of your drawer (see instructions)
Picture hangers
Wallpaper, textured or regular/fancy (optional)
Spray glue (optional)
Wood glue
Rubber or felt bumpers

Tools required:
Measuring tape
Mitre saw and box (or table saw, Ms Fancy)
Paint brush

1. Cut your piece of wood one inch shorter than the width of your drawer. If you don’t have a saw,¬†have your friendly home improvement store employee cut it for you.

2. Glue your wood strip to the bottom of your drawer, across the back end. (If you are covering the inside of the drawer with wallpaper, you can add a couple screws for added strength, drilling and screwing from the inside of the drawer into the strip. This is totally optional.)

NOTE: See how the wood strip sticks out as far as lip at the bottom of the drawer? It should be even or close, but if the lip is much narrower, you might consider adding a strip to the bottom as well. (If it’s just a little off, you can make up the difference with bumpers.)

3. Make it pretty!

Option a) Stick textured wallpaper to the inside of the drawer, using spray glue. Let dry completely, then give the whole thing (including the wallpaper) at least two coats of paint, inside and out.

Option b) Give the whole thing at least two coats of paint, inside and out. When the paint is completely dry, glue a piece of decorative wallpaper to the inside, using spray glue.

Option c) Give the whole thing at least two coats of paint, inside and out. If you want to get fancy, paint the inside a different colour than the outside.

NOTE: You don’t have to paint the back, but go ahead and paint your wood strip(s) for a more finished look.

4. Add the knobs! Take a few minutes to figure out the spacing – not only spacing them evenly, but making sure you have everything lined up over the wood strip at the back.

Drill a hole for each knob, through the drawer and the wood strip, then attach with knob screws. (DYK, you can buy replacement knob screws that can be cut to length? Now you do.)
NOTE: Wondering what that yellow circle is all about? I added a knob lower down, away from my wooden strip. Instead of adding another strip, I used a plastic jar lid to fill the gap between the drawer and the end of the screw. 

5. Add a couple picture hangers to the top edge of your strip (see picture), and at least four bumpers to the back of the cabinet – two top, two bottom.

6. Hang it up (use wall anchors if necessary), fill it with jewelry and admire your handiwork!