Project: Spooky Ghosts


Spooky, ethereal ghosts to haunt your house! But don’t worry, they’re friendly – and so is the cost. Each ghost costs only around $0.50 to make!

Here’s what you need:
Crafty Fabric Stiffener (click here for recipe)
Bottle or jar
Masking tape

How to make your spooky ghosts:

20181014_190417.jpg1. Using foil, create the “arms” and “head” for your ghost. Attach these to the top of the jar or bottle, using a couple pieces of masking tape. Bend arms to your preferred degree of hauntedness.

2. Place your ghost-body on a protected surface, like a plate, placemat or sheet of plastic. Remember, once your cheesecloth is in place, you’ll want to avoid moving your ghost for about 24 hours, or until completely dry.

3. Cut a couple pieces of double-layered cheesecloth big enough to drape over the “body.” Make sure there’s enough to puddle at the bottom.

4. Place the cheesecloth in a shallow plastic or glass container. Pour over a generous amount of fabric stiffener.

20181014_190551.jpg5. Squoosh your cheesecloth around in the fabric stiffener until it’s fully saturated. Resist the urge to twist it or let it get tangled. Cheesecloth can get a little uncooperative when it’s wet.

6. Squeeze out the excess fabric stiffener, then carefully open the cheesecloth back up. Gently drape the wet cheesecloth over your ghostly form, arranging the fabric to look as spooky as possible.

7. Let dry completely, then carefully remove from form. It might need a little coaxing, but the starch will release easily from the form.

8. Optional: light up your ghost with a flameless tealight candle.

You can use different sizes of bottles/jars to create a family of ghosts. Be sure to vary the position of the arms, too! Display your ghosts in a dry, protected area. Careful – a stiff breeze might carry them away!