Project: Halloween Votive Holders


If you can dip a paintbrush in glue, you can make these super-cute, kinda-spooky Halloween votives. All you need, besides some basic, dollar store supplies, is a little imagination. I made a pumpkin, a mummy, a monster and a frankenstein guy, but you don’t have to stop there; let your creativity run wild and create your own collection of characters!

To save a little cash (have you seen the price of candy?), I used my homemade podge for this project. It can be whipped up in a flash and costs about 1/10 of the store-bought stuff.


I managed to keep the total project costs down by picking everything up at the dollar store. I bought supplies to make eight votives for less than $10 (and I have enough tissue paper left over to last me the rest of my life.)

Here’s what you need:
Homemade Podge (click here for recipe)
Tissue paper
Small jars (baby food jars or similar)
Black sticker paper or construction paper
1″ Foam brush
Flameless tealight candles

wp-1539562443562..jpg1. Cut or tear tissue paper into strips or squares.

2. Using a foam brush, apply a thin coat of Podge to the outside of the jar. (You may find it easier to work in sections.)

3. Stick tissue paper onto the wet podge, overlapping slightly. Use the wet brush to stick the paper to the jar, coating the tissue with a thin layer of podge.

4. Continue sticking tissue all around the sides and top edge of the jar. Do not apply tissue to the bottom.

5. Let dry completely.

20181014_191452.jpg6a. IF USING STICKER PAPER: Cut eyes, noses and mouths out of the black sticker paper and apply to the side of the jar,

6b. IF USING CONSTRUCTION PAPER: Cut eyes, noses and mouths out of black construction paper and adhere with a little more podge. Brush on a thin coat of podge to seal the facial features, smoothing down any loose corners or edges as you go. Let dry completely.

7. Optional: glue on googly eyes and/or add details (Frank’s scars, etc) with a fine, permanent marker.

8. Add a flameless tealight candle and light up the night.

For Frank N. Stein: Cover jar with green tissue. Cut a long strip of black tissue, then cut triangular notches along one of the long edges. Apply black strip (notched edge down) around top of jar, extending 1/2″ above edge. Apply a thin layer of podge over the tissue, smoothing down and folding excess around top to the inside rim of the jar. Decorate with paper/sticker paper and googly eyes.
For Mummeh (the mummy): cut 2-3″ long strips of white tissue. Apply vertically to the jar. When dry, add a second layer of strips, folded/crumpled to look like bandages. Glue on googly eyes when dry.