Yarn-bombing – Silent Wind Chimes

So, you’ve yarn-bombed some sticks… now what? Make a silent wind chime! They’re super-cute, easy to put together and they don’t make a racket like those pesky metal chimes.

Here’s what you need:

3-5 Yarn-bombed Sticks
Metal Canning Jar Ring (or jar lid)
Yarn for hanging
Beads (optional)
Metal Punch (or hammer and a large nail) (optional)
Drill with small bit (optional)

You might want to add a bead (or three!) at this point.

Step one: Get your yarn-bombed sticks ready for hanging! You can drill a hole in the top of each stick, or just tie your hanging yarn to the top. Use a slightly longer piece of yarn than you think you need. It’s always easier to trim than to add or start over!

** See below for an easy way to thread the yarn through small holes.

While you’re getting things ready, you might want to punch holes in your jar ring, but that’s totally optional. If you do, you’ll need three or four holes in the top rim of the ring, and one hole for each stick around the sides. I used a small metal punch, but you can use a hammer and nail – or not!

Once you have added hanging yarn to all of your sticks, you can move on to the next step…

Look! I added another bead!

Step two: Add three or four hanging strings to your jar lid! Take the time to space them evenly to ensure your chimes hang nice and straight.

You can either use those holes you punched in your ring, or tie the strings on if you didn’t punch. (If you tie-on, we’ll add a length of yarn around the ring later to keep your “chimes” in place.)

If you’ve punched holes, thread your yarn through (using that handy tip below) from the top, then tie a small knot on the inside and trim excess.

Tie a knot in the strings, a few inches from the top, to create your hanging loop. Hold it up and make sure it’s hanging evenly before moving on to step four.

Step three: Add your yarn-bombed sticks! Tie the yarn to the ring, or thread it through the holes you punched in step one and tie a knot. Make sure to place heavier sticks opposite each other to keep your wind chime hanging evenly.

TIP: Before you trim your excess yarn, check the length of your chimes.

To keep your chimes from sliding around (and to pretty it up), wrap a long piece of yarn around the outside of the ring and tie-off. (See pic of finished project at the top of this post!)

All that’s left is to hang up your wind chimes and enjoy the sweet sound of silence!

A quick trick to thread yarn through smallish holes:

Use a fine-gauge crafting wire to thread yearn through holes. Works great for beads, too!

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